Physics of War

Here are some links we’ll be using in the 2015 Winterim: The Physics of War

Chapter 2

  • Mini-Matchstick Gun (with clothespin)

Physics of War – Chapter 3 – Basic Physics of Early Weapons

  1. How does velocity differ from speed?

Video clip:  YouTube “They Might Be Giants - Speed and Velocity w/ Marty Beller” (2:10)


2. Define acceleration.  What’s the formula for acceleration?

 Video clip: Science of NFL Football: Kinematics (5:25)

3. How does an object’s mass differ from its weight?

You Tube: Conceptual physics Mass Vs Weight  (2:20)

4. What letter represents the force of gravity?


YouTube: Minute Physics: What is Gravity? (1:25)


5. Define force.  What’s the formula for force? 


YouTube: Gravity, Force, and Work (1:47)

6. Define inertia.

YouTube: Inertia Demos Revised (2:21)


7. Note Newton’s First Law of Motion:  A body will continue in a state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by a force.    So for an object to move, it must overcome _______________ .

Science of NFL Football:  Newton’s First Law of Motion (3:52)


8. Here’s Newton’s Third Law of Motion: Whenever a body exerts a force on a second body, the second body exerts a force on the first body.


Science of NFL Football:  Newton’s Third Law of Motion (4:12)


9. What is momentum?  What is the formula for momentum?


Bill Nye The Science Guy on Momentum  (2:05)


10. When we say momentum is conserved, what does that mean? 


Video:   WHAT IS MOMENTUM?  (1:25)


11. How fast is the acceleration of gravity (metric and non-metric)?

12. How does kinetic energy differ from potential energy?

Physics: Kinetic and potential energy in a roller coaster  (1:49)

Potential Energy: Wile E. Coyote:  (1:22)


13. When we save energy is conserved, what does that mean? 


Circus Physics: Conservation of Energy  (2:08)


14. I’ll help you out with the next few: 


·     Angular velocity is the rotational speed of an object around an axis. 

·      Torque is the tendency of an object to twist. It’s Force used to spin an object (or stop it from spinning).


Video: Understanding Torque (2:35)


·     Angular momentum is how much an object will continue to rotate around an axis if torque (an outside force) acts on it.


Video: Best Demonstration of Momentum Ever  (3:12)

15. Here’s a comparison table to look at:


Linear Motion                 Rotational Motion

Acceleration                    Angular acceleration

Velocity                            Angular velocity

Distance traveled           Angle rotated

Momentum                     Angular momentum

Force                                Torque



Other Chap. 3 links

Chap. 4 - Roman Empire

Chap. 5 - Gunpowder and Cannons

Chap. 6 - Three Men Ahead of Their Time

Chap. 7 - Early Guns to Total Destruction

Chap. 8 - The Industrial Revolution

Chap. 9 - Napolean’s Weapons

Chap. 10 - The Civil War

Chap. 11 - Where Does the Bullet Go?

Chap. 12 - Aerodynamics

Chap. 13 - World War I

Chap. 14 - Radio and Radar in WW II

·      Khan Academy: Intro to Waves (13:03)

·      Khan Academy:  Intro to the Doppler Effect (10:37)

·      YouTube: Waves in a Sphere of Water on the Space Station (2:53)

·      YouTube: Sound waves on fire (2:48)

·      Clip:  Waves in a Tuba (4:41)

·      Clip: Infrared (6:45)

·      Clip: Ultraviolet (5:59)

·      Clip: How a Microwave Oven works (5:11)

Chap. 15 - Sonar and the Submarine

Chap. 16 - World War II

Make a Baking Soda and Vinegar Rocket

Chap. 17 - The Atomic Bomb

·      YouTube: Mouse Trap/Nuclear Fission (1:16)