Mystery Stories

Homework Assignments

Wednesday, Aug. 22 - Read “The Purloined Letter” (handout) and write Portfolio Entry #3: How is this story similar to and different from ‘The Murders in the Rue Morgue’?”

Thursday, Aug. 23 - Read “Suspicion” (handout).  Have your PowerPoint nearly ready at the start of the day (you’ll have 30 minutes to make final preparations and print out your group handouts)

Friday, Aug. 24 - Read “Silver Blaze” (Dover book) and write Portfolio Entry #6: Discuss two characters (other than Holmes and Watson) in this story and what each one’s function is”

Monday, Aug. 27 - Read “The Dancing Men” (in book) and do Prompt #8 (“Discuss two different moods in this tory and how Doyle creates each of those moods”).   Start to bring in your materials for your group’s crime scene.

Tuesday, Aug. 28 - Read Chap. 1-5 in A Murder is Announced.  Continue to bring in materials for your crime scene.

Wednesday, Aug. 29 - Read Chap. 6-9 in A Murder is Announced .  Bring notes on your story in two days for peer sharing.  Bring all materials for your crime scene tomorrow.

Thursday, Aug. 30 - Read Chap. 10-15 in A Murder is Announced.  Have your typed notes on your story ready for tomorrow.

Friday, Aug. 31 - Read Chap. 16-20 in A Murder is Announced. Bring in stuff Tuesday for your crime diorama. By Tuesday, have 3 typed pages done on your story.

(Monday is Labor Day.)

Tuesday, Sept. 4 - Read Chap. 21-23 + Epilogue in A Murder is Announced.  Bring in at least 5 typed pages of your story tomorrow. The final draft is due Friday.  The portfolio is due Thursday.

Wednesday, Sept. 5 - Read Chapters 1-10 in The ABC Murders.  Your writing portfolio is due tomorrow right after lunch.  The final draft of your mystery story is due by Friday (TWO copies, please — one for me, and one for the Fair). 

Thursday, Sept. 7 - Read Chapters 11-19 in The ABC Murders.   Continue to bring in materials for your crime diorama.

Friday, Sept. 8 - Finish The ABC Murders by Monday.  

Monday, Sept. 11 - Bring in materials and preparations for the Intensive Fair tomorrow afternoon.

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