Medieval Lit


Wednesday, Jan. 3 - Reading quiz tomorrow on pp. 4-24 in Beowulf.  Deadline 1 for research paper due tomorrow.  Portfolio entry #3: One page:  Already in the first few pages, you can tell what Anglo-Saxon culture would value in a hero.  Discuss.

Thursday, Jan. 4 - Reading quiz tomorrow on pp. 24-53 (WILL INCLUDE MAPS).  Work on research papers.  Deadline #2 due Tuesday.

Friday, Jan. 5 - Deadline #2 notecards (due Tuesday).  In Robin Hood, read Chapters 1-3 (pp. 7-41).  Reading quiz Monday.

Monday, Jan. 8 - Reading quiz tomorrow on Chapters 4-5, 7-8, 12. Deadline 2 (notecards) due tomorrow.

Tuesday, Jan. 9 - Reading quiz tomorrow on Chapters 14-15, 18-19. Research paper due next Tuesday.

Wednesday, Jan. 10 - Reading quiz tomorrow on Chap. 21, 22-24 + Epilogue.  Work on research papers, due Tuesday.

Thursday, Jan. 11 In Canterbury Tales, read pp. 1-26, 33-49 (Prologue, Knight, Miller, Reeve, The Scholar – OMIT the Nun’s Priest).  Research paper due Tuesday.

Friday, Jan. 12 - Research paper due Tuesday. No reading over the weekend.

Tuesday, Jan. 16 - Reading quiz tomorrow on pp. 50-71, 93-113 (Canon’s Yeoman, Friar, Merchant AND Epilogue – OMIT Sir Topias, Franklin, Magistrate). Robin Hood stories (Portfolio entry #8) due tomorrow.

Wednesday,  Jan. 17 - Reading quiz tomorrow on King Arthur pp. 3-24, “The Two Swords” and pp. 51-71 “The First Quest.  Portfolio entry #10 due tomorrow.


Anglo-Saxon culture

Anglo-Saxon values and culture

The Anglo-Saxons (YouTube 22:30)

Barbarians - The Saxons (YouTube 44:59)

Mitt Romney and the Anglo-Saxon experience (clip 4:19)

Map of Angles, Saxons, Jutes

Map of the setting of Beowulf

Elements of the Epic in Beowulf

Sample storyboard on themes in Beowulf

Comitatus and interlacing

Viking Quest - Can you build a ship an cross the sea (brief game)

Kennings and alliteration in Beowulf (YouTube 3:23)

The Old English and modern English side by side

Wyrd, or fate

Wergild in Beowulf

Paper and cardboard medieval castle


Small catapults


Medieval stone walls out of foam

Medieval village diorama

Homemade slingshot (YouTube)

Primitive Technology: sling (YouTube 8:15)

Balearic hand sling competition

Film canister (YouTube 0:56)

Jimmy Fallon & AlkaSeltzer rockets (YouTube 6:32)

Robin Hood

Historical background

Article: Why is King John the classic villain?

Bad King John (YouTube 23:00)

Background on Richard the Lionheart

Richard the Lionheart: The Third Crusade (video clip 10:00)

Did Robin Hood ever meet King Richard? 

Disney clip of King Richard and John (8:34)

Nine Men’s Morris game

Overview of the Battle of Hastings

SlideShare overview of the Battle of Hastings

Animated video of the Battle of Hastings (11:29)

Robin Hood links

Overview of Sherwood Forest and Nottingham

Map of Sherwood

Robin Hood maps (links)

The Robin Hood Trail in Sherwood Forest (PDF)

Robin Hood sites on Google maps

Medieval hunting history

Forest laws in the Middle Ages

How poaching works

Who is Robin Hood?

The search for a real Robin Hood

The real Robin Hood (History Channel clip 3:16)

The search for a real Robin Hood

Medieval death by hanging

How to build a medieval gallows

Robin’s men and Maid Marian

Maid Marian

Medieval marriage banns

A beginnner’s guide - links to the characters

Ballads and stories associated with Robin Hood

Interviews with Robon Hood scholars and actors

A people’s history of Robin Hood

Robin Hood in film and television

Other Robin Hoods around the world

Rob Roy (Scottish)

Ned Kelly (Australia)

Ustym Karmaliuk (Ukraine)

William Tell (Switzerland)

Zorro (Spanish California)

Water Margin (China)

Lampiao (Brazil)

Weaponry in Robin Hood

Quarterstaff class (YouTube 11:33)

The Quarterstaff: A Short introduction (YouTube 3:29)

Quarterstaff fight (YouTube 1:34)

Quarterstaff sparring (YouTube 3:04)

British Quarterstaff Association

Fighting with staff and spear

Medieval quarterstaff

Quarterstaff fighting techniques

Quarterstaff fight: modern Robin Hood vs. Little John video (3:05)

Types of medieval archery contests, very complete PDF

Medieval archery contest rules

Real medieval archery (YouTube clip 7:03)

Medieval crossbow vs. longbow (YouTube clip 4:00)

The medieval longbow (YouTube 46:03)

Longbow vs. crossbow (YouTube 8:21)

The physics of archery

Lars Andersen: A new level of archery (YouTube 5:51)

The Canterbury Tales

Background article on Thomas Becket

Murder in the Cathedral animated 6:28

Bone fragment from Thomas Backet video 2:24

Becket excommunicates Lord Gilbert, friend of Henry video scene 2:57

A biography of  Geoffrey Chaucer

The frame story of the Tales

Background to the Tales

The cast of characters in the Tales

Character chart on PDF

Canterbury Tales animated 

Canterbury Tales animated video Episode 1 (Nun’s Priest, Knight, Wife of Bath) 27:21 

Canterbury Tales animated video Episode 2 (Merchant, Pardoner, Franklin) 26:50  

Canterbury Tales animated video Episode 3 (Squire, Canon’s Servant, Miller, Reeve) 28:30

The Nun’s Priest Tale (3:53)

The Knight’s Tale (8:35)

Wife of Bath’s Tale (6:07) 

The Merchant’s Tale (7:15)

The Pardoner’s Tale (8:54)

The Franklin’s Tale (7:39)

The Squire’s Tale (7:52)

The Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale (4:50)

The Miller’s and Reeve’s Tales (9:44)

General Prologue in Middle English video 1:29

Prologue line by line translation

Innkeeper Harry Bailey

Simple medieval recipes

A Boke of Gode Cookery

Medieval finger food

Map of the pilgrims’ road to Canterbury

Canterbury Way — the road to Canterbury

The Tabard Inn — Southwark, London

Pilgrim’s Way

King Arthur

The medieval code of chivalry

The Knight’s code of chivalry

Chivalry in the Middle Ages

Chivalry in the Middle Ages (YouTube 2:37)

Medieval courtly love

What is courtly love?

Rules of courtly love (YouTube animated 3:18)

Arthurian map

Exploring King Arthur’s Wales

Was there an Arthur?

Was Arthur a real person? (video clip 2:49)

Arthur, warrior king (YouTube 49:10)

Arthur and his Knights

The Knights of the Round Table

Pictures of Arthurian characters


The origins of Merlin

Merlin and Nimue

The origins of Morgana Le Fay

History of Camelot




Galahad: the Perfect Knight (YouTube 8:07)

The Quest for the Holy Grail

“Barbara Allen” - medieval ballad (YouTube 4:13)

“Sir Patrick Spens - medieval ballad (YouTube 2:32)

“Sir Patrick Spens - live band (YouTube 3:42)

“Lord Randall” - medieval ballad (YouTube 5:24)

Medieval ballads, examples and links