US History Links

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Jamestown 6:06

Plimouth Rock and misconceptions 1:40

The Pilgrims 2:20

Early American settlement life 8:56

Bacon’s Rebellion 6:08

Siege of Yorktown 9:20

Articles of Confederation overview and powers 3:01

Articles of Confederation weaknesses 3:26

Constitutional Convention overview 4:14

NJ and VA Plans at the Const. Convention 4:12

The Three-Fifths Compromise 4:14


Hamiltonians and Jeffersonians 4:02

The Louisiana Purchase 6:33

Lewis and Clark 10:48

Marbury v. Madison 2:51

John Marshall and Marbury v. Madison 4:11 

Marbury: the midnight appointments 9:29

War of 1812, reasons for 4:37

The Oregon Trail 10:44

Westward settlers’ experiences 12:28

Monroe Doctrine 2:51

Jacksonians and Whigs 1:39

Andrew Jackson and Worcester v. Georgia 2:22

The Kansas-Nebraska Act 2:34

The Fugitive Slave Act 4:09

Dred Scott: central questions 3:31

Dred Scott: the opinion 2:45

Lincoln and Douglas debate slavery 8:56

The Battle of Antietam 2:39

Sherman’s March to the Sea 2:15

Lincoln, emancipation, and the 13th Amendment 5:41


The Transcontinental Railroad 4:27

Reconstruction and the Black Codes 3:45

Andrew Johnson and the 14th Amendment 9:13

Andrew Johnson’s Reconstruction policies 6:25

William Jennings Bryan 2:56

Booker T. Washington and Tuskegee 5:40

The Wright Brothers 5:42

The 18th Amendment and Prohibition 1:55

The US enters WW I 8:00


The Bonus Army and Hoovervilles 2:40

The New Deal 9:01

Korematsu case (Japanese-American internment) 4:13

Truman and the Atomic bomb 3:05

The Marshall Plan 3:09

McCarthyism, its origins 19:50

Brown v. Board of Education: key questions 2:57

Sputnik and the space race 6:41


Kennedy-Nixon televised debate 3:53

Cuban Missile Crisis 10:20

Vietnam and Kennedy 7:45

LBJ and the Voting Rights Act 3:37

Gideon v. Wainwright 11:13

Miranda v. Arizona: the questions involved 4:08  

Miranda v. Arizona: the decision 1:44

Birmingham before the civil rights movement 6:56

Vietnam and Nixon 5:46

Iran-Contra scandal 7:11


Pre-History to 1650

List of Indian tribes and languages

Primary sources on Native American history

Native Americans, pre-European

Links to the best Native American Web sites

Sport of Life and Death: MesoAmerican ballgame

American Indians and the Natural World

Native American technology


1492: Library of Congress exhibit

Vikings: the North Atlantic saga

Virtual Jamestown

Secrets of the Dead at Jamestown

Plimouth Plantation

Puritanism in New England

The Atlantic Slave Trade

Smallpox in the New World

Diseases in the New World

Dutch colonization

The Pequot War


Religion and culture in North America

King Philip's War

Plymouth Colony Archive Website

Native American religion in early America

The legacy of Puritanism

Religious pluralism in the Middle Colonies

Salem witch trials

From indentured servants to racial slavery

Virtual museum of New France

The fall of the Spanish empire

Virginia's Native Americans in the 1600's

The Navigation Acts

American slavery in the 17th century

History of British colonial America

The French and Indian War


Pontiac's Rebellion

The Stamp Act

Timeline of events leading to the Revolution

Road to Revolution game

Africans in America in the 18th century

Liberty!  A PBS series

The American Revolution Center

The Articles of Confederation

Shays' Rebellion

The Constitutional Convention

George Washington

The Whiskey Rebellion

Rediscovering George Washington

Hamilton vs. Jefferson

John Adams


Jefferson's presidency

The Louisiana Purchase

John Marshall's Supreme Court

The War of 1812

PBS site on the War of 1812

Lowell Mill girls YouTube clip

Reform movements of the early 1800's video clip

Utopian communities

American transcendentalism

The Missouri Compromise of 1820

Andrew Jackson

Jackson's Bank wars

Jackson's Indian policy

The Mexican War

Manifest Destiny

The Gold Rush of 1849


Compromise of 1850

Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854

Dred Scott

Life and trial of John Brown

The Civil War - Ken Burns' PBS series

Lots of links on the Civil War

Another site with tons of links on the Civil War

Civil War photographs

Lincoln, leading up to the war

The Emancipation Proclamation and black soldiers

Civil War battlefields

Civil War medicine

Lincoln's assassination

The assassination of Lincoln and other links

Reconstruction: The Second Civil War

The controversial election of 1876


Jim Crow laws

Labor unions in the late 19th century

The labor union movement

Stories from the Gilded Age

John D. Rockefeller

Andrew Carnegie and the Gospel of Wealth

Social Darwinism

The rise of the Populist Party

Farmers and the Free Silver movement

The American West, 1865-1900

American Indians in the late 19th century

The Spanish-American War

The Progressive Movement

Theodore Roosevelt

Foreign policy of Theodore Roosevelt


The Taft presidency

U.S. involvement in World War I

Woodrow Wilson in World War I

Wilson's domestic policy

Palmer Raids and the Red Scare after WW I

Social and cultural trends in the 1920's

The Scopes Monkey Trial

Consumerism and culture conflicts in the 1920's

An overview of the Great Depression

Crash of 1929 and Depression - Youtube clip

The Dust Bowl

Riding the rails - the hobo life

Depression-era art

FDR's presidency, with links and clips

All about the New deal with lots of links

Periodic Table of the New Deal programs

The Civilian Conservation Corps

History of Henry Ford and the Model T


Pearl Harbor

World War II - in color

An overview of U.S. involvement in WW II

America in WW II: an online magazine

The Normandy invasion

The atomic bomb

Development and use of the atomic bomb

The Truman presidency

The Marshall Plan

The 1948 election

The beginnings of the Cold War

The Berlin airlift

The post-war economy, 1945-1960

The Eisenhower presidency

McCarthyism and Communist witch hunts

The civil rights movement in the 1950's

Ike and the military-industrial complex


Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis

Kennedy and the New Frontier

Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society

The civil rights movement of the 1960's

An overview of the Vietnam War

Battlefield Vietnam

Many links about the Vietnam War

The Apollo 11 mission to the Moon

The Nixon Doctrine and Vietnamization

Nixon and domestic politics

The Watergate scandal

The women's rights movement 

Fiscal policy in the 1960's and 1970's

Detente and arms control in the 1970's

The Carter presidency

The Camp David Accords

The Iranian hostage crisis


Key events in Reagan's presidency

The economy in the 1980's and rising debt

Reagan and domestic politics

The Iran-Contra scandal

The end of the Cold War

The Persian Gulf War, 1990-1991

Overview of the George H. W. Bush presidency

The economy of the 1990's

Clinton's domestic policy initiatives

U.S. involvement in Bosnia-Herzegovena

Clinton and impeachment

The controversial election of 2000

September 11, 2001, digital archive

Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Iraq and the War on Terror

George W. Bush and domestic policy

An overview of the Obama presidency

Obama's health care reforms and a timeline